Current Projects

Construction of Ginninderra Dr – Tillyard Dr and Tillyard Dr – Lhotsky St Signalised Intersections

Guideline ACT has been awarded the contract for the signalisation of the following two existing intersections in Charnwood, ACT:

  • Ginninderra Drive / Tillyard Drive
  • Tillyard Drive / Lhotsky Street

The project will be constructed under live traffic and is required to be undertaken in several stages to allow traffic movements through the site and minimise the impact to the local community & relevant stakeholders.

The scope of works includes:

  • Pavement widening and kerb realignments
  • Stormwater adjustments and construction of new sumps
  • 300 Watermain relocation to facilitate new pavement construction
  • New concrete paths and median islands
  • Installation of traffic signals at two intersections
  • Electricity and telecommunication connections for the new traffic signals and for connection of the signals to the Charnwood Emergency Services building
  • Relocation of an existing stop valve at the intersection of Tillyard Drive and Lhotsky Street
  • Removal and replacement of existing streetlights
  • Linemarking and signage
  • Landscape works including tree removal and planting of new trees
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Bridge Strengthening Works B4004

Client: TCCS

As part of the Bridges renewal program, Guideline ACT have been awarded the strengthening works on B4004; the Tuggeranong Parkway bridge crossing of the Molonglo River. The works involve strengthening of B4004 in order to enhance the capacity to enable re-rating of the culvert to SM1600 vehicle loading in accordance with AS5100 -2017.

The scope consists of the construction of four new concrete bridge piers under the existing deck and modification of the existing piers with supporting steelwork. The bulk of the works are to be undertaken without any impact to traffic on the bridge-deck.

John Gorton Drive Stage 3B

Guideline ACT was awarded Stage 3B of John Gorton Drive. The project replaces 650m of the existing Coppins Crossing Rd with a 4 lane 2 way dived carriage way. The project is critical to the development of the Molonglo Valley region and the commencement of the Whitlam subdivisions. The project has to be undertaken in 2 2 main stages to make sure traffic through the area is never significantly impeded. The project is worth approximately $10 million incl GST.

The main Aspects of the project include:

  • 60,000m3 of Imported Fill Earthworks
  • 170m of Protection Slabs to be constructed over a 900 Diameter Critical Icon Water Asset that bisects the job, this will be one of the most complex parts of the project.
  • 9000 tonnes of Asphalt in the deep lift pavement
  • 2 Intersections, 1 Signalised intersection and 1 left in and out only
  • Significant relocation of underground services/utilities
  • Hard and Soft Landscaping

JGD3b website photo


Healthy Waterways – Curtin

Part of the ACT Healthy Waterways scheme, the project involves the remediation of existing stormwater and creek channels in Curtin. The site is located either side of Cotter Road with the finished project to improve the aesthetic of the area whilst strengthening the existing creek embankments.

Guideline ACT

The work scope includes:

  • Gabion Rock Walls
  • Mass Block Retaining wall construction
  • Rehabilitation of existing gabion walls
  • Rock mattress works
  • Weed Control of the existing channel
  • Channel Water aeration and sediment control
  • Stormwater Upgrades
  • Barrier fencing
  • Landscaping

Lanyon and Tompsitt Dr Intersection Upgrade

The intersection of Tompsitt and Lanyon Drive in Jerrabomberra is located on one of the major access routes into the Australian Capital Territory.

Commencing in July 2018, the project involves upgrading the configuration of the intersection from an existing roundabout to traffic signals in order to improve road safety for all vehicles and reduce congestion for motorists who travel through the area, particularly during peak times.

Lanyon Drive 1

Works to be conducted in the delivery of the project include:

  • Staged removal of existing roundabout and sections of old pavement.
  • Detailed earthworks and rising of the existing pavement levels using heavily bound material in order to increase line-of-sight distances on approach to the intersection.
  • Construction of new stormwater lines and drainage.
  • Placement of new Asphalt pavement throughout the intersection and on all approaches.
  • Relocation of underground services and installation of new street lighting.
  • Installation and commissioning of new Traffic Signals.

McKellar Ponds

Commencing in August 2018, Part of the ACT Healthy Waterways scheme, the project involves the remediation of existing stormwater channels, construction of wetlands and a sediment basin in the suburb of Melba. The site of the works is west of Copland Drive, on the north of Ginninderra Drive.  Its main purpose is to deliver healthy waterways, protecting the environment, and at the same time providing community amenity.

McKellar Ponds Overview

The project will include the construction of:

  • Two wetlands
  • A sediment basin
  • Stormwater pipes/culverts
  • Stormwater structure
  • Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT)
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance access track
  • Concrete footpaths and viewing jetty
  • Removal of the existing concrete invert
  • Replace existing concrete invert with vegetated channel

Isabella Weir

Winner of 2019 CCF ACT Earth Award Project $10M – $30M

Winner MBA Building in Excellence Award 2019 Civil – Other

Due for completion in late 2018, there are two parts to this significant project; Construction of two wetlands in the existing Isabella pond as a part of the ACT Healthy Waterways scheme and the widening of the existing labyrinth wall weir forming the dam wall for Isabella pond.

The aim of the Isabella Ponds Wetlands project is to improve the quality of the water at both the incoming pond areas as well as the outgoing water into the Murrumbidgee River system; the wetlands ponds will create a haven for flora and fauna.

The weir is being widened to allow for higher flows, thus greatly reducing the risk to downstream stakeholders of Tuggeranong. The additional flow capacity of the weir also reduces the risk of damage to the Drakeford Drive Bridge. The key activities of the new upgrade include the demolition of the exiting abutment and labyrinth wall and then the reconstruction of the reinforced concrete structure.

Gungahlin Bus Station

Winner 2019 CCF ACT Earth Award Project $5M – $10M

The Gungahlin Bus station Project commenced September 2017.  The Capital Metro Agency Light Rail route between Canberra City and Gungahlin will terminate at the Gungahlin Town Centre. The terminus will be located in Hibberson Street at Gungahlin Place. 

The purpose of this project is to develop facilities and provide upgrades to foster and ease the transfer of passengers between light rail and the city’s bus network and others.

Detailed features:

  • The construction of the Gungahlin Bus Station terminal, which encompasses substantial service relocations, pavement construction and landscaping.
  • The signalisation of the Earnest Cavanagh/Gozzard Street intersection.
  • Upgrade works to Hibberson Street (between Gungahlin Place and Gozzard Street) to convert the street into a one way (westbound) shared zone.