The name “Guideline” goes back to 1973 when a group including Gavan McArdle, formed a construction company, which amicably split in 1985.

Guideline ACT was then founded in 1985 by Gavan McArdle who successfully remained the Managing Director until 2000 retiring in 2004 after 40 years in the Canberra Construction Industry.

David Jones joined Guideline ACT in 1993 as a Project Manager and became Managing Director in 2000 retiring in 2010 following 38 years of service in the Construction Industry.

Nick Zardo first joined in 1987 as a Trainee Engineer and went on to become Managing Director in 2010 and maintains this position to date.

From its humble beginnings in 1985, Guideline ACT is extremely proud of its past, the projects it’s successfully completed and it’s demonstrated sustainable growth. Starting with a workforce of 10, 5 items of plant and a turnover of less than $1m, Guideline ACT has developed into a company with a workforce of around 70 people, 40 items of major plant and a turnover of $25m.