Guideline ACT

Our people are our most valuable asset; this workforce is the “Guideline ACT Family” working the Guideline Way.

Guideline ACT will develop and maintain a stable, safe, productive and highly skilled workforce based on the following principal points; Safety, Respect, A fair days pay for a fair days work, Communication, Appreciation, Career Opportunities, Job Security, Training, Fairness and Working together as a Team. This will result in a workforce that is Loyal, Efficient, Productive, Competent, Motivated, Reliable and Reputable, making Guideline ACT a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Guideline ACT values the health and safety of its workforce, ensuring the “Guideline ACT Family” goes home the way they came to work and that no one else is adversely affected by its operations. That is why safety is the number one priority and every single one of us has a responsibility for ensuring this value is maintained. The general health and well-being of our Family, including a true work-life balance, is vital.