Past Projects

Bridge Strengthening Works B4004 

Winner – Building in Excellence Awards – Master Builders Australia – Civil Bridgeworks. As part of the Bridges renewal program, Guideline ACT was awarded the strengthening works on B4004; the Tuggeranong Parkway bridge crossing of the Molonglo River. The works involve strengthening of B4004 in order to enhance the capacity to enable re-rating of the culvert to SM1600 vehicle loading in accordance with AS5100 -2017.

The scope consists of the construction of four new concrete bridge piers under the existing deck and modification of the existing piers with supporting steelwork. The bulk of the works are to be undertaken without any impact to traffic on the bridge-deck.


Construction of Ginninderra Dr – Tillyard Dr and Tillyard Dr – Lhotsky St Signalised Intersections 

The project was constructed under live traffic and is required to be undertaken in several stages to allow traffic movements through the site and minimise the impact to the local community & relevant stakeholders.


Lanyon and Tompsitt Dr Intersection Upgrade.

The intersection of Tompsitt and Lanyon Drive in Jerrabomberra is located on one of the major access routes into the Australian Capital Territory. Commencing in July 2018, the project involved upgrading the configuration of the intersection from an existing roundabout to traffic signals in order to improve road safety for all vehicles and reduce congestion for motorists who travel through the area, particularly during peak times.


Healthy Waterways – Curtin 

Winner of CCF Earth Awards 2020, ACT Branch, Project $2M – $5M. Part of the ACT Healthy Waterways scheme, the project involved the remediation of existing storm water and creek channels in Curtin. The site is located either side of Cotter Road with the finished project to improve the aesthetic of the area whilst strengthening the existing creek embankments.


North Weston Odour Control

The purpose of this project was to remove foul air from the existing sewerage infrastructure – the Molonglo Valley Interceptor Sewer- and disperse it to the atmosphere. The MVIS is a 2m diameter sewer that transports a significant amount of Canberra’s sewage loading (2/3) to Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre. Population and density growth necessitates the need to retrofit the existing infrastructure to ensure it can take the load, not be impacted by corrosion and not cause odour issues.


Better Roads Woden

Guideline ACT was awarded, by Transport Canberra & City Services through Procurement ACT,  Better Roads for Woden-Intersection Safety Upgrade in December 16 with work starting on site in January 2017. The project encompassed the upgrading of the intersections on Launceston Street & Hindmarsh Drive & Eggleston Crescent & Hindmarsh Drive. Both of these intersections are vital access points for Lyons and Chifley respectively and to the overall traffic flow for the Woden area. The upgrading of these intersections ensure the safety of all motorists, pedestrians & cyclists in these areas and also improves the traffic flow of both intersections, especially in peak hour times.


Marigal Gardens

The Marigal Gardens (a retirement village comprising 140 independent living units) project consisted of 2 stages, pavement only construction in Stage 1 and bulk & detailed earthworks, underground services & pavement works making up Stage 2. The Principal for this project was Hindmarsh Construction and the design was carried out by Indesco.


Gungahlin Bus Station

Winner 2019 CCF ACT Earth Award Project $5M – $10M

The Gungahlin Bus station Project commenced September 2017.  The Capital Metro Agency Light Rail route between Canberra City and Gungahlin will terminate at the Gungahlin Town Centre. The terminus will be located in Hibberson Street at Gungahlin Place. 

The purpose of this project is to develop facilities and provide upgrades to foster and ease the transfer of passengers between light rail and the city’s bus network and others.

  • The construction of the Gungahlin Bus Station terminal, which encompasses substantial service relocations, pavement construction and landscaping.
  • The signalisation of the Earnest Cavanagh/Gozzard Street intersection.
  • Upgrade works to Hibberson Street (between Gungahlin Place and Gozzard Street) to convert the street into a one way (westbound) shared zone.


John Gorton Drive Stage 3B

Guideline ACT was awarded Stage 3B of John Gorton Drive. The project replaces 650m of the existing Coppins Crossing Rd with a 4 lane 2 way dived carriage way. The project is critical to the development of the Molonglo Valley region and the commencement of the Whitlam subdivisions. The project has to be undertaken in 2 2 main stages to make sure traffic through the area is never significantly impeded. The project is worth approximately $10 million incl GST.

The main Aspects of the project include:

  • 60,000m3 of Imported Fill Earthworks
  • 170m of Protection Slabs to be constructed over a 900 Diameter Critical Icon Water Asset that bisects the job, this will be one of the most complex parts of the project.
  • 9000 tonnes of Asphalt in the deep lift pavement
  • 2 Intersections, 1 Signalised intersection and 1 left in and out only
  • Significant relocation of underground services/utilities
  • Hard and Soft Landscaping


LMWQCC Dam Stabilisation

This project involved remedial works and preventative maintenance on crucial and active elements of the largest inland sewerage treatment plant in Australia. The stabilisation of the Dam will provide a safer access environment within the Dam, reduce the current Dam maintenance regime and prevent potential damage to existing plant infrastructure. This work was carried out within an active sewerage treatment plant without disrupting operation of the plant.


Googong Integrated Water Cycle West Network Stage C

Guideline ACT undertook the Googong Integrated Water Cycle – Stage C West between June 2016 and June 2017. Googong IWC West forms part of the development of the Googong Township. The new Googong Township will be home to over 18,000 people and continually developed over the next 25 years. Stage C IWC West specifically involved the construction of two reservoirs (4.0ML and 1.9ML), approximately 5km of pipework connecting to existing infrastructure and an intricate under and above ground pipe network. The completed reservoir site is intended to facilitate treatment of recycled water and supply of potable water to the surrounding community.


Googong Integrated Water Cycle East Network Stage C & D

Guideline ACT undertook the Googong IWC Network East Works Stage CD for Icon Water for the new residential development at Googong which was completed in September 2017. The $4 million project encompassed the following works:

  • Construction of the Potable Water Top Up to WRP Pumping Station (PWTUPS) Building.
  • Three pumps, valves, control panels, cabling, instrumentation, telemetry, lighting, buried pipework, scour valves, flowmeter, storm water, pits, conduits and access paths associated and adjacent to the PWTUPS building.
  • Connection into the existing DN1800 bulk water pipeline via the existing DN450 offtake.
  • A 1.2km long 375mm diameter DICL PH35 potable water rising main from the PWTUPS to the Googong Foreshore Lease Boundary, including a revenue meter pit, valves and fittings.
  • Two new pumps to upgrade the existing Bulk Water Pump Station (BWPS) pumps, including modification to suction and discharge pipework and upgrade to electrical and communication controls.
  • New power supply transformer and electrical upgrades.
  • Application of two coat seal on the Link Road and Northern part of the access road to the BWPS.

The Googong Township is a 784ha Greenfield development located South of Queanbeyan. One of the goals of the development is to reduce water consumption by 60% when compared to typical existing developments. This project is another part of the infrastructure required to support the ultimate development of an estimated 18,850 people in 6,200 dwellings.


Mugga Pump Station

The project represented significant upgrades to the Icon Water infrastructure, with contract works at a number of locations around the ACT. The majority of works were based at the Mugga Water Pump Station (WPS) which replaced two existing pump stations in the area which were demolished. The works included the construction of a rising main and new pump station building including the infrastructure surrounding the pump station such as storm water, access roads and power supply. Upgrades to the Symonston WPS also formed part of the scope, including upgrades to the bulk water transfer pump station between Googong Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Stromlo WTP this is located adjacent to Mugga WPS. The last stage of the project was the Molonglo Valley Extra Low Zone PRV Building fit-out located in Denman Prospect off John Gorton Drive. Works included the installation of pipework and fittings within the existing Farnham Valve farm building.


Sewer Pump Station 2

The project involved two main activities:

  • The Interim Reservoir Potable Water Booster Pumping Station consisting of pipe works, installation of pumps, electrical and telemetry, known as Separable Portion 1.
  • The Sewage Pumping Station (SPS 2) consisting of emergency storage tanks, dual rising main from SPS 2 to the new Water Recycling Plant at Googong Dam Rd and ancillary works, known as Separable Portion 2.


Strengthening of Bridge at Woolshed Creek

The project is the Strengthening of Bridge 2074 located on Fairbairn Avenue over Woolshed Creek. The project involved strengthening of a precast plank bridge by installing new steel girders under the planks. Associated works included temporary traffic management, crack sealing, installation of brackets, lateral restraints and bracings.


IKEA Canberra

The project involved bulk earthworks, detailed excavation, sub grade stabilisation, rigid / flexible pavement footpaths, kerbs, irrigation, landscaping and line marking.


DSS36 Antenna Pedestal

The project included construction of a Pedestal for a new 34m BWG Antenna for NASA including installation of the azimuth track and fit out works within the pedestal.


Ngunnawal Retirement Village

The 6.23 hectare site located within the existing Ngunnawal community consisted of 161 single level independent living villas, a community Clubhouse and feature landscape gardens. Construction was undertaken in four separate stages.


Uriarra Link Watermain

The water main is approximately 3.0 km in length connecting the existing DN1200 Stromlo-Higgins and DN900 Stromlo-Belconnen bulk water mains and has an off-take for the proposed Oddie Reservoir (constructed under a separate contract).


Googong Integrated Water Cycle (IWC) Network East

The Googong Integrated Water Cycle (IWC) Network East project included construction of Pump House, installation of 75KW Pumps, earthworks, storm water works, mechanical and electrical works and pavement works. This project had many environmental constraints and as such, Guideline ACT allocated an Environmental Manager to be onsite 1 day per week to monitor the implementation of the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).


Johnson Drive Bridge Strengthening

The purpose of this project was to strengthen the existing bridge on Johnson Drive.


West Macgregor Intersection Improvements

The aim of this project was to modify the intersection at Southern Cross Drive and Florey Drive, West Macgregor to provide traffic signals. This provides for a safer intersection.


Franklin Early Childhood Centre

The objective of this project was to provide various blocks to accommodate Childcare & Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Grade 2, Administration & hall, extensive outdoor play areas. It also consisted of the construction of a new road from the southern roundabout, to the boundary of the school site.


Fyshwick Storm Water Upgrade (Stage 2)

The storm water project at Fyshwick was the second stage in a program to ensure adequate storm water provision for the Lithgow St. and Wiluna St. areas. The project consisted of installing reinforced concrete box culverts and constructing special concrete structures to facilitate the movement of rain water from the drainage easement at the Northern end of Lithgow St. to the existing storm water provisions at the junction of Wiluna and Lithgow Streets. This is intended to significantly reduce the likelihood of flooding in the area and resultant effects on businesses.


Tidbinbilla DSS35 Pedestal Construction

The deep space station 35 (DSS35) is a new antenna being constructed at the Canberra deep space communication complex at Tidbinbilla.  The new antenna DSS35 is a Beam Wave Guide design, meaning the underground structure that forms the base of the pedestal will contain the transmission and receiving equipment. The main antenna structure and dish are supported on top of the pedestal. The Pedestal work is the first phase of the overall DSS35 project. The overall scope of the project is to install the mechanical structure for the 34m diameter, multi-frequency, centre-fed beam waveguide azimuth-over-elevation antenna, including antenna pointing control, drive systems and pedestal. The new “beam wave guide” antenna will improve flexibility over existing antennas which will allow them to operate on several different frequency bands within the same antenna.  This design allows for easier and safer access to the antennas electronic systems which otherwise would be located in the antenna structure. DSS35 will also incorporate a 20 kilowatt transmitter and be capable of transmitting across S- and Ka- band radio frequencies for deep space communication to interplanetary robotic spacecraft. The purpose of the DSS35 construction is to expand the capabilities of the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex in supporting deep space missions being launched over the next decade.  The next 10-15 years are important for this additional antenna, as the planets align is such a way, that the southern hemisphere will have the best overall view of the existing spacecraft spread out across the solar system.


Narrabundah Ballpark Upgrade

The Narrabundah Ballpark is Canberra’s professional baseball facility and is home to the Canberra Cavalry baseball team. The purpose of this project was to upgrade the Narrabundah Ballpark from a local baseball playing surface to a ballpark suitable for entry into the national competition.


Coombs Ponds

This project involved the construction of two water quality control ponds in the suburb of Coombs including Pedestrian bridges, walkways and hard and soft landscaping.


Kambah P-10 School

This project required Civil Construction works including kerbs, footpaths, road realignment and fencing for the new Kambah Preschool to Year 10 School.


Molonglo Trunk Sewer

The objective of this project was to provide trunk sewer infrastructure to service the new suburbs of Coombs and Wright by constructing a trunk sewer main adjacent to the Molonglo River.


National Arboretum Canberra – Road Widening & Tank Construction

The objective of this project was to maintain and improve the infrastructure for the National Arboretum Canberra.


Tidbinbilla Space Complex – Civil Works

The objective of this project was to prepare two platforms including service roads for future space antennas.


Gungahlin Drive Extension Stage 2 – Duplication of Bridges Ginninderra to Ellenborough Street

This project comprised of the construction of two bridges and an archway to allow duplication of Gungahlin Drive Southbound Carriage way in the future.


Flemington Road Duplication

A design and construct project which involved duplicating a major existing road and bridge, upgrading and replacing intersections and relocating a number of underground services.


Elmgrove and Kinlyside Reservoirs

This project involved the design and construction of two post tensioned concrete tanks, connecting pipework, access roads, drainage and instrumentation.


Harrison District Playing Fields Stage 2A

The Harrison District Playing Fields involved the construction of two new playing fields including cricket pitches, practise cricket nets and two new carparks, one being accessed from Nullarbor Av and the other accessed from Katoomba St.


Pialligo Avenue Upgrade Works Stage 1BC

The Pialligo Avenue Upgrade Works project involved the duplication of major existing roads and bridges, upgrading and replacing intersections and relocating a number of underground services.


Fyshwick Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Fyshwick Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade consisted of the construction of new inlet works and a switchboard building. The new inlet provides more efficient screening and grit removal and addresses the OH&S issue of the existing inlet works. The switchboard building is for the electrical instrumentation monitoring and control upgrade for the whole plant.


Kangara Waters Aged Care Facility

Kangara Waters Aged Care Facility involved bulk earthworks, pavement construction, and detailed excavation, installation of services and construction of retaining walls.


East Gungahlin School at Harrison, Civil Works and Landscaping

The project involved two separate work packages. Firstly the construction of the schools private car park and secondly all landscaping works needed on the East Gungahlin School grounds.


Bungendore Feeder Gas Main

The project provided a gas main service to the township of Bungendore NSW.


Thoroughbred Park – Reconstruction of Course Proper

The aim of the Reconstruction of the Course Proper was to construct a new grass racing surface along with several other associated components.


Bonner Water Quality Control Ponds & Forde Access Road

The construction of Forde Access Rd (now known as Mulligans Flat Rd) is located between the suburbs of Bonner and Forde in Gungahlin ACT. The aim of the project was to construct 2km of new road between the new suburbs, construction of two new ponds and associated outlet and inlet works.


Googong Water Treatment Plant, Stage 2

The Googong Water Treatment Plant was augmented to increase the plant capacity to 270 ML/day. The arrangement of the improved plant includes retaining the existing conventional treatment plant of 180ML/day capacity and construction of a new 90ML/day dissolved air flotation filter (DAFF) plant.


Athllon Drive Duplication

The aim of the project was to improve traffic congestion during peak hours and late night shopping, whilst maintaining safe access for workers crossing Athllon Drive to the main shopping centre, cyclists and pedestrians along the entire project.


Bendora Dam Spillway & Bridge Strengthening

The remedial works involved allowing a maximum load of 5 tonne on the bridge, removal of lead based paint and the application of a protective coating to the existing steel bridge.


Cotter Dam Remedial Works

The aim of the Cotter Dam Remedial Works project was to strengthen the wall of the mass concrete gravity dam by replacing the top of the existing wall.


Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre – Fine Screens Project

The Fine Screens Project involved constructing the infrastructure to install three new fine screens to remove solids producing a high quality effluent.


Gungahlin Drive Extension – Packages A and B

The Gungahlin Drive extension is an arterial road upgrade, connecting the northern section of Canberra to the Tuggeranong Parkway in Canberra central, a distance of 9km. The FHJV is an unincorporated partnership between Canberra Contractors, Guideline ACT and Woden Contractors. The project comprised two separate contracts GDE A and GDE B.