Our Vision

To become the Capital Regions most reputable Civil Contractor

Inspiring confidence in our ability, from our workforce, clients, peers and the community

Making Guideline ACT the Contractor of choice

How we will achieve this vision, our values; “The Guideline Way”

Our people are our most valuable asset; this workforce is the “Guideline ACT Family” working the Guideline Way.

We will develop and maintain a stable, safe, productive and highly skilled workforce based on the following principal points; Safety, Respect, A fair days pay for a fair days work, Communication, Appreciation, Career Opportunities, Job Security, Training, Fairness and Working together as a Team. This will result in a workforce that is Loyal, Efficient, Productive, Competent, Motivated, Reliable and Reputable, making Guideline ACT a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

We value the health and safety of our workforce, ensuring we all go home the way we came to work and that no one else is adversely affected by our operations. That is why safety is our No 1 Priority and every single one of us has a responsibility for ensuring this value is maintained. The general health and wellbeing of our Family, including a true work life balance is vital.

Guideline ACT constructs all categories of essential civil infrastructure projects, taking particular pride in delivering technically challenging projects. This undertaking comes with significant responsibility. We will deliver these projects to a Quality standard equal or better than specified, on time and within budget. We will do it “right first time”.

We will conduct Business in a firm, fair and friendly way maintaining honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times in a respectful, proactive, collaborative and positive way, valuing strong long term relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers. We will contribute to the community that our family is a part of.

A Business Management System will be maintained, it will be beneficial, clear and easy to use, whilst meeting all authority requirements. We will follow all company policies, procedures and reasonable internal directions.

We will grow in a sustainable way, striving for continuous improvement, acting as leaders of our industry and the community.

We are custodians of the environment, and as such must look after it in all our operations.

Guideline ACT was established in 1985, with a proud strong history, we will continue the good work done by the people before us, so that our successors have the confidence that they too are working on solid foundations, upholding these values, securing the future of Guideline ACT.

As the Guideline ACT Family our priorities are: